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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


social media marketing


Showing your presence on social media channels is not enough for social media marketing. In addition, you should make sure that your social media posts stand out, they are unique, they tell a story to the audience, they target the right people in the right country and convey the right message. Hence, we at RedX media are conscious of what our customers need when they are marketing through social media.  Because understanding the changes in social media platforms is important to set the right campaign and post the right content. Therefore, our social media marketing team is constantly active on the social media platforms to give right assistance to our clients by understanding the latest updates.


In addition, our services vary from organic (non-paid) marketing to paid marketing. Using proper social media approaches, we build and manage inspired campaigns for businesses to grow on the most relevant social media platforms; such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and LinkedIn. In addition, we also provide innovative and highly creative email campaigns using MailChimp.  why waiting? grow your brand identity using the latest social media techniques. Explore and expand your business in no time. Boost your business through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.  Above all, get a great result from your customers easily.


What we can offer you,


  • Audit of your social media presence
  • Finding your right customer
  • Identifying the key social media success factors (conversion rate, reach etc)
  • Create engaging content/text
  • Track, analyze and optimize


Key benefits of Social Media Marketing


  • Growing your brand awareness and brand recognition
  • Increase in reach, traffic, likes, share and followers
  • Connecting to your social media followers through engaging posts
  • Collect feedback from your customers to improve your future projects
  • Direct the referral traffic to your website
  • Easy A/B testing methods to get better results
  • Improved search engine(Google, Bing, Yahoo) rankings
  • Higher chance of 24*7 engagement with audience
  • It is mostly FREE

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